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It’s very rare that I open any link and read it throughout… Today I did and it was worth reading😉 going great Neha!! Keep up the good work 😃



I really enjoyed your recipes. I am a huge fan of the Indian cuisine but I find it hard to cook. Your site is so clear and simple that I find it easy to try your recipes. I even found a shop where to buy the condiments which for me is the hardest part 🙂
I like the style of your writing, it is personal and cheerful at the same time.


Nice recipe. Love the way you describe it. Just a simple dish sounds so amazing. Writing skills 100 and cooking skills 100 because I have tasted your food. Keep up the spirit.
Keep cooking, keep sharing 👌👍

Balpreet Kochar

I tried both soya and aloo recipe and they both are really finger licking good. Excellent job Neha!!!


I tried the Potato recipe, it was nice. I took it to office for my staff and they all appreciated it. It was really different from Jeera Aloo and I loved it because it changed my flavour finally. 🙂 I suggest you to write a recipe book also after a while.


Its great, I am liking it. will show the recipes to my mom.


I’m more impressed by the writing part. I am really enjoying it. But recipes are nice.. I would need them in future and I will definitely refer it..


It is really impressive and well written.. I really like it.. 😍😍


The way of delivery is awesome….The first paragraph leaves the impression👻


I am also interested in cooking so in love with your blog. Congrats for the initiative.

Palki Dutta

I like the way of presentation 👩‍🍳 Specially the catchy starting lines..

Anshu Agarwal

Well done Neha. The way you start writing and your words creates interest in cooking for everyone.

Rajesh Singhal

Ur writing skill are mind blowing 👌
Keep the gud things up 😉😊